The Vicar’s Occasional Blog


It was extremely good to be back in our newly refurbished Church building in time for Easter. We have been very fortunate that it has all gone to plan and, apart from one or two tweakings, we are up and running again. Thank you to everyone who helped and assisted during this time. Particular thanks to our Architect, John McCall, and to all our contractors.

One great sadness, though, is that our much loved and respected Organist and Choirmaster, William Reeve, died very suddenly and unexpectedly on 6 March. In his nearly 60 years career as a Church Organist and Choirmaster, he worked for King Charles the Martyr Church for 29 years. We miss him enormously.

We are advertising for a new Organist and Choir Director. In the meantime, we are very grateful to our rota of Organists who are keeping our music alive and also to Graham Bentley who is leading the Choir for the time being. We are very grateful to them.


January and February 2015 – THE CHURCH (BUILDING) IS CLOSED

This is proving to be an interesting time in the life of King Charles the Martyr, as the Church building is closed until Easter for stage 1 of our major refurbishment. The work is currently progressing well and we are confident in the various contractors we are employing. Firstly, the Church was emptied by a large and willing army of KCM volunteers. Then the organ builder removed pipes and covered up the remainder of the pipework and console. Then a massive web of scaffolding was skilfully built inside the Church so that the ceiling – some 9 meters off the ground – could be repaired, replastered and repainted – which has been achieved. Then the windows have been removed so that all the leadwork and glass can be refurbished and re installed at a later date. Currently the electricians are in residence. They have stripped out the old wiring, and are rewiring and installing new LED lights. They are due to finish at the end of February and then the plasterers and decorators will move in. Meanwhile the life of the Church carries on and everyone has adapted well to being in the Main Hall every Sunday and in the Lounge and Vicarage for the weekday services. Many thanks are due to everyone who is working hard to support our life. But it will be good to have our Church building back!


There is lots to do to prepare for the eight or more Christmas Services at KCM – while at the same time preparing for our move out of the Church as soon as we have celebrated the Epiphany in order for the refurbishment of the Church to start on 5 January 2015. The Chancellor has granted the Faculty and so we are moving full steam ahead in making the necessary complex arrangements for this refurbishment project under the supervision of our excellent church architect, John McCall. There are lots of logistics to prepare for but hopefully all will go well and we will be able to return as we plan in mid-March, ready for Holy Week and Easter. In the meantime, our Sunday morning services will continue as normal, using the Main Hall, which will be a different worshipping experience, but hopefully one which will still be prayerful and meaningful to both our regular congregation and to our visitors.


I love the season of Advent, particularly if I have been able to get ahead of my own personal card writing and present buying! It is always good to try to make some space to reflect on the forthcoming birth of the Saviour, as well as on some of the themes of Advent. So I hope you may be able to make some time and space for quiet reflection during the madness that can characterise the month of December!

Incidentally, we enjoyed a fantastic day at the end of November at our Annual Christmas Bazaar. Good weather seemed to bring out the crowds, who spent their money on some really good quality goods, as well as flocking to the Open Door Café. It was a very happy day all round – and the hard work and efforts of many has resulted in a record profit of £3,370 – a figure we have never achieved before and one which would probably gladden the heart of the Chancellor of the Exchequer! Thank you one and all!